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JOURNEY is a wholly original dining and entertainment concept, blending fine dining with immersive technology experiences created by a world class team of video, fashion, chefs and Broadway artists. Cutting edge techniques in 3D animation, video projection mapping and theatrical design paired with cool design and high-end international cuisine. Four experiences in one fabulous location next-door to Eataly in Chelsea, New York. An augmented reality Café, a 360 projection mapping dining room, a five course Table Top animation adventure and a cool bar with magical surprises on the walls and throughout the Lounge.  Don't miss JOURNEY!

Introductory Video


Created by:

Marc Routh, Alex Cesaria, Simone Genatt, Massimiliano Convertini, David Gallo, Claudia Hart, Anouk Wipprecht, Illuminating Magic and John Rando 

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